Best Guides on How to Buy Quality Roofing Sheets in Nigeria - Orlu

Friday, 20 July 2018

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City: Orlu, Imo
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Contact name Akinola Richard
Phone 08138342642

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You can put off some home repairs indefinitely, but LEAKY ROOF isn't one of them. Cracked, curled, or missing roof shingles demand immediate attention. A customer reports, our past test shows that so many fall victims of buying fake roofing sheets and 80% of them will end up re-roofing, sad! Share this article with others.
I am an experienced Roofing sheets dealer; Stone Coated, ALUMINIUM BRANDS, and have discovered some anomalies in the market today especially in Nigerian Marketing board. So be careful!
Suppliers of fake roofing tiles will hide these from you, but lucky enough, you check out and be convinced of the following before making a payment. If the roof tiles lack any of these, then be assured you are into buying fake tiles.
1. The roof tile must be tempered with at instance, right at your presence to prove a crack-free before making a payment. Fake roofing sheets appears honorable and are more eye-appealing, shining compared to the originals, but become important at cost(very less).
2. Confirm that the back of the roof tiles is coated with anti-rust chemistry and should make a clear difference from the regular roof tiles. This requires a good explanation from the dealer if you can't differentiate them. But must be convince-able.
3. Check the back of the roof tile to confirm whether the manufacturer's name, distributor's name and ISO number is fully inscribed using the mechanical system. You must understand why it will not fade over time.
4. Ask the distributor to provide the manufacturer's contact, company's web sites and insights. please don't be carried away by words of mouth to make a deal.
5. The thickness (gauge) must be 0.55 mm, 30% heavier than the regular roof tile.
6. The price ranges in (Shingle, Classic, Shake, Tiles & Bond) per square meter for each case and for the design that comes with two color combination. beware of "fake/inferior" stone coated roofing tile in Nigeria.
7. Watch the warranty. The manufacturer's warranty must cover replacement of defective materials, while a material warranty offers prorated coverage. The warranty must be 50 year and must be attested to without delay. please save the receipt and invoices for claims.
8. The supplier must print the original warranty agreement directly from the manufacturer's site with details of key terms and agreement.
9. Ask the distributor to provide the certificate of Dealership/Origin from the manufacturer, if they can't provide that, it means they deal with "fake/inferior" stone coated roofing tile.
10. Two pieces of the stone coated roofing tile make a square meter
For enquiries on Batlan roof tile manufactured in Korea by DS Roofing Systems, please call/whatsapp Richard Akinola on 08138342642